Hernan Cattaneo on Love, Luck & Living For Music

Hernan Cattaneo

As a progressive force who changed not only the future of own country’s musical landscape but who continues to spread its influence to the rest of the world, Hernan Cattaneo’s leading role in the underground electronic music industry has been solidified in history. And it’s a legacy that keeps on going.

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Don’t Be Afraid, Be a DJ

Dark Club

By learning from the experiences of professionals who have gone through it before, aspiring DJs can discover how to get past the difficulties and into the flow of the experience; lessons that we all can put to use in every day life. How do we become braver behind the decks and throughout our lives?

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Oliver Lieb on Making Music Come to Life

Oliver Lieb

There are a handful of names whose music directly influenced the direction of electronic music, whose sound became definitive of an underground movement as it was starting to find its audience around the world. Oliver Lieb is one of those names.

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Soela: Resonance

Soela 5 Mag Article

5 Mag is in love with the sound of Elina Shorokhova, aka Soela. The Berlin-based DJ and producer talks to Lauren Krieger and plays some dope wax for our latest 5 Mag Mix.

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Matt Masters: neverendingnights

Matt Masters 5 Mag

Freerange’s Matt Masters is stepping out from behind the scenes of the deep house label with a new LP of his own. Lauren Krieger talks to Matt about Never Ending Nights.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Lonely C

Lonely C Article

His touch is on every aspect of the album: as a vocalist, programmer, arranger and instrumentalist. Lauren Krieger talks to Lonely C (aka Charlie from Soul Clap) on the recording of his debut solo album, Charles and Tribulations.

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