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Hernan Cattaneo on Love, Luck & Living For Music

From taking place only in the darkest corners, under tunnels and in abandoned warehouses, to being blasted into the spotlight of popularity with corporate sponsors and celebrity status DJs, electronic music has seen a dramatic evolution over the decades. While some of it may not have been for the best, the change in electronic music’s role in our culture means that music which has been created from a place of passion, and enjoyed by those who feel it in their soul, is now experienced by an ever-growing audience around the world. We can owe this expansion to those DJs who believed in it since the beginning, never giving up, leading it to where it is today through determination, persistence, and most of all: love.

While these pivotal DJs may not be seen as pop-star celebrities to the general public (thank goodness), there are those who have reached rock-star status among the underground. As a progressive force who changed not only the future of own country’s musical landscape but who continues to spread its influence to the rest of the world, Hernan Cattaneo’s leading role in the underground electronic music industry has been solidified in history. And it’s a legacy that keeps on going.