There is no good reason to say that yesterday was more solid and real than last night’s dream, except that we cling to our dreamlike experience of yesterday more than to our experience of last night’s dream. – 7th Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche


Make no attempt to evaluate yourself. – Mooji

Waking State

Your thinking that you have to make an effort to get rid of this dream of the waking state, and your making efforts to attain jnana (realization of Self) or real awakening, are all parts of the dream. – Ramana Maharshi

Present Moment

Only the present moment contains life. – Thich Nhat Hanh


Become love and enter everlasting life. Love suddenly changes your dimension. You are thrown out of time and you are facing eternity. – Osho

Strive to Live

Be joyful, think hard, dream tough, challenge yourself and relish the pain, the struggle, the tears. This is where you get into the depth of it. Dive in deep beneath the protective layers. Strive to live. It’s not what you think, where wrong is not real – it’s bliss or struggle all the same. Forget the judgment. Who matters but You? You are It. Every hate and judge, every love and acceptance. Although they are a part of you, they are not the complete you. Your perspective is unique. You create rightness with your actions. You tie into reality with your breath, creating your own dream with your movement. What can you achieve when you realize this is true? Strive to live, your options are limitless when you remember that you are too.


He has known darkness & light, but now he has gone beyond it. Now he sees darkness as part of light, and light as part of darkness, now there is no division. Light and darkness have both become one – degrees of one phenomenon. – Osho, Book of Secrets


When we realize that we are dealing with an Infinite Intelligence, and with an Infinite Law within Intelligence, we see that there can be no limit placed upon Creation. – Ernest Holmes

Whole of Being

Nothing is true but if you think it. And what you think, if you think it with your whole being, becomes true for the Whole of Being. – Bob Frissell

Just Be

You need not worry about your worries. Just be. Don’t be restless about ‘being quiet’, miserable about ‘being happy’. Just be aware that you are and remain aware – don’t say: “Yes I am; what’s next?” There is no ‘next’ in ‘I am’. It is a timeless state. – Nisargadatta Maharaj


Integrity is the essence of everything successful. – R. Buckminster Fuller

Light and Heart

We all need to return to the basics. Within society, and within ourselves. Simplify and attend to what makes the worlds inner & outer into better places. Kindness, honesty, and compassion – we can all have these for each other and our own self, and in all these small doses of lightness, we will become the greater good. We make a difference in the small things we do, the things that don’t make headlines, that people do every day out of humanity and grace. To give light and heart to another is to improve the very fabric of our existence. The more we can improve through open minds, selflessness, and care, the more we can love, the better the whole of the universe becomes. Starting small is the key, as there is no limit to what steps upon steps, every piece coming together, will end up becoming.


He must suffer, not because pain is a necessity, but because he must have experience in order to become individualized. – Ernest Holmes


Everything in Nature is expressed by rhythmic waves of light. Every thought and action is a light-wave of thought and action. – Walter Russell

True Artist

To me, the true artist is one who lives completely, harmoniously, who does not divide his art from living, whose very life is that expression, whether it be a picture, music, or his behavior; who has not divorced his expression on a canvas or in music or in stone from his daily conduct, daily living. That demands the highest intelligence, highest harmony. To me the true artist is the man who has that harmony. He may express it on canvas, or he may talk, or he may paint; or he may not express it at all, he may feel it. But all this demands exquisite poise, that intensity of awareness and therefore, his expression is not divorced from the daily continuity of living. -Krishnamurti

Inward Gleam

Good Music

When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have. – Edgar Watson Howe

The Key

The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence.   – The Law of One

State of Thought

What a man has, as well as what he is, is the result of the subjective state of his thought. – Ernest Holmes

Eternal Name

The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal Name. The unnameable is the eternally real. Naming is the origin of all particular things. Free from desire, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations. Yet mystery and manifestations arise from the same source. This source is called darkness. Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding. – Tao Te Ching, Ch.1, interpreted by Stephen Michell

The Beauty

The image is a dream. The beauty is real. – Richard Bach, Illusions

Dream World

It is necessary that Soul and Body should exist, because Spirit, without manifestation, would construct only a dream world, never coming into Self-Realization. – Ernest Holmes


Innocence is Bliss


Do something every day that advances you not in the direction of some far-off goal, but in the direction of your heart. It will not lead you astray. – Charlie Amber

Knowing the Truth


Sweet Release

Enjoy the sweet release of surrender when you let go of your old thought habits and realize that you can change them at any time. You can change anything at any time, once you remove the restrictions of ideas that no longer serve you.


I have put duality away. I have seen the two worlds are one. – Rumi


It is within the power of every man to completely change his environment and completely heal his body. Whether or not he will do this depends entirely upon his own conviction and his own determination. Nature attends him on the way and is always ready to serve; but he is an individual and nothing will ever be forced upon him. Let any one follow the Law, comply with Its nature, and consistently apply himself to right thinking and living, and he will prove to himself that life holds all and more than he has ever imagined. – Ernest Holmes

Out of Control

With some tumultuous surroundings, as life introduces struggles and challenges, I’d like to try an experiment in ease. What if I can find the ease in the storm, the peace in the chaos, to just be. Everything will be figured out, and I can do it without struggle or worry. The challenge is to let go of the illusion of control, let life happen, and to know that you don’t know. We always think we know what is best for ourselves, not only that… what is best for reality. If we do this, if we act in this specific way or do this particular action, life will be just the way we want. But that’s impossible, there are truly too many factors. Life is an infinite amount of changes, possibilities, stories. The story that is best for you is out of your control. I’m not sure best is even the right word here… your life is what you make of it. It’s always been about a goal of achieving success, about looking like a success in the eyes of others, but what you do, day to day, the feelings you have inside, the love you express, the smiles you create……

Keep Trusting

When you ask without attachment to results, you will get what you want, but not in the way that you imagined. It proves to your self that you need to remove expectation and control, and that the key is to keep trusting. Don’t get caught up in the distractions that come your way, but let them pass by as you stay in the flow. Listen again to the notes between, the messages in the music, and the silence in your mind. Everything else can be let go of, right now, and all the time.   Get the Desktop Wallpaper