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Don’t Be Afraid, Be a DJ

You look out and see dozens, hundreds, thousands of faces staring back at you. Waiting for you. The energy is palpable, a dense electricity of minds looking for you to help them escape or enjoy, bodies charging and anxious to be let loose. Endless thoughts circulate through the atmosphere in anticipation of what is to come, and it is your responsibility to give them what they want so desperately to experience. It’s your role to lead the night, to tell them the stories they want to hear, to take a dark, empty room and turn it into a moment to remember.

To DJ is an act of bravery. I say that with no intention to take away from those whose acts of bravery involve facing death and saving lives, but the sentiment remains true. To be brave is to face challenges and keep going, to know that you will be afraid and choose to do it anyways. How often do we back away from the things that scare us, rather than taking them head on? Are we choosing the easy route of comfortable familiarity rather than the discomfort of taking a risk? To dive into what a DJ faces when they get behind the decks can help us discover how to be braver ourselves. By learning from the experiences of professionals who have gone through it before, aspiring DJs can discover how to get past the difficulties and into the flow of the experience; lessons that we all can put to use in every day life.

How do we become braver behind the decks and throughout our lives?