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Oliver Lieb on Making Music Come to Life

There are a handful of names whose music directly influenced the direction of electronic music, whose sound became definitive of an underground movement as it was starting to find its audience around the world. Oliver Lieb is one of those names. Well, in this case, he’s many of those names. His multiple aliases each represented different styles and genres as he explored the variety of avenues that were opening for electronic music, while always staying true to his own sound defined by precision, emotion, and creativity. From downtempo and chill, to hard techno and trance, Oliver Lieb has released over three hundred EPs & LPs, with singles on legendary labels as Bonzai, Bedrock, Platipus, Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, and much more.

It was his projects as L.S.G. however, which first enraptured me and many others around the world. To me, L.S.G. embodies the energy of an incomparable era, capturing the euphoria that can only truly be felt once you’ve experienced the depths. His music tells stories of the beauty in the darkness, providing a gateway for the sound to enter your soul. Tracks like Netherworld, Shecan, Goddess… they still make my heart flutter whenever I listen.

It was a pleasure to catch up with him amidst all of his projects, and to learn about the past & future of Oliver Lieb.