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The Transitions of Underground with John Digweed

John Digweed represents the true essence of the DJ: transmitting transcendent music to create a timeless experience. Since the start of his journey, John has carried with him an unparalleled power and passion for the music, one that he spreads through his seamless story creation, definitive selections, and commitment to quality.

Beginning with an addiction to an emerging new sound, he was driven to build music from his own perspective and to share what he was experiencing with others, a motivation that still continues today. The legacy of John Digweed cannot be overstated, one that includes creating iconic tracks that defined the progressive era, running a successful label for more than 18 years, releasing life changing albums that have influenced generations, and playing massive events that leave crowds of thousands in awe. To have such a lasting impact and to still find the motivation and passion to create even more is an amazing feat, yet today John still is creating and sharing at the highest levels.

His work ethic and commitment to the music is respected across the industry and appreciated by the fans who witness his performances. I had the absolute pleasure to experience his deeply impacting, audience enthralling sound at the intimate Thursday Night Service event at The Church in Denver. After a wonderful time seeing Guy J the month before, I was greatly anticipating a magical night with John Digweed. As expected, I was engulfed in an underground experience, the crowd hot and sweaty, endlessly dancing, lost entirely in the intertwining rhythms and smooth storytelling of one of the masters of the music.

I wanted to hear more from John Digweed, and was fortunate to grab a quick chat during the time between his busy touring schedule. Listening to a DJ spin gives one a unique glimpse into their world, however getting to hear their words is a wonderful opportunity of its own.