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Photographing Iconic Moments in DJ History with Dean Belcher

You may not know his name, but you’ve surely seen his work. The Global Underground series was given its visual style through the lens of Dean Belcher, forever capturing the energy and atmosphere of the GU DJs as they traveled around the world bringing their music to every corner of the planet. For me, these photos captured the essence of the music that was taking over my life. Dramatic and iconic, I can still look at the cover photos and feel the energy of that particular CD, and remember what I felt like when I listened to it over and over again. From John Digweed and the palm trees of LA to Nick Warren and the hot springs of Reykjavik, each portrait captured the energy of the location and the music it held within. The liner photos captured worlds that I felt a rare connection with; knowing that there were people across the planet who felt as much passion and magic from the music as I did was reassuring and exciting.

I wanted to learn more about these influential images, so I caught up with Dean to hear about his experiences photographing global adventures in music.

I’ve so many memories, lots of which I can’t repeat. I couldn’t choose just one of them but I’m always amazed at the enthusiasm the fans of GU series still have all over the world and how welcoming everyone usually is. Over the years there have been lots of great journeys, food, music and I’ve seen and photographed more places than I ever thought I’d get to see.

Dean Belcher
Global Underground Covers