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Solarstone Talks Trends, Timelessness, and Trance Today

Those who have been in the underground electronic music movement for decades have been witness to a range of dramatic changes in the industry. Not only in the way that music is consumed but in the trends within genres, with their followings which can go from intimate to enormous and…

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Trentemøller Talks Trials & Triumphs With The Release Of His New Album “Obverse”

Born from a creative renewal after months of stagnancy in the studio, and influenced by the discovery that he was going to be a father, Trentemøller’s Obverse is a project built from passion and appreciation for the greatness of music within all of life’s challenges and changes. An atmospheric, dreamy…

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Hernan Cattaneo

Hernan Cattaneo on Love, Luck & Living For Music

From taking place only in the darkest corners, under tunnels and in abandoned warehouses, to being blasted into the spotlight of popularity with corporate sponsors and celebrity status DJs, electronic music has seen a dramatic evolution over the decades. While some of it may not have been for the best,…

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Dark Club

Don’t Be Afraid, Be a DJ

You look out and see dozens, hundreds, thousands of faces staring back at you. Waiting for you. The energy is palpable, a dense electricity of minds looking for you to help them escape or enjoy, bodies charging and anxious to be let loose. Endless thoughts circulate through the atmosphere in…

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Oliver Lieb

Oliver Lieb on Making Music Come to Life

There are a handful of names whose music directly influenced the direction of electronic music, whose sound became definitive of an underground movement as it was starting to find its audience around the world. Oliver Lieb is one of those names. Well, in this case, he’s many of those names.…

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Cercle Music Event

Cercle is Taking the Music Deeper, Higher, and to Places it’s Never Been Before

Cercle’s approach to all that they do embodies the spirit of timelessness; from their locations which tell rich stories of history and culture, to the sweeping scenes that inspire lifelong memories captured within a single moment, to the talented artists carefully selected and given a distinctive space to showcase their…

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Sasha getting cigaratte lit while DJing

Photographing Iconic Moments in DJ History with Dean Belcher

You may not know his name, but you’ve surely seen his work. The Global Underground series was given its visual style through the lens of Dean Belcher, forever capturing the energy and atmosphere of the GU DJs as they traveled around the world bringing their music to every corner of…

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Crowd at Digweed Show

The Transitions of Underground with John Digweed

John Digweed represents the true essence of the DJ: transmitting transcendent music to create a timeless experience. Since the start of his journey, John has carried with him an unparalleled power and passion for the music, one that he spreads through his seamless story creation, definitive selections, and commitment to…

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Guy J DJing

The Truth Behind Guy J’s Music

In our underground electronic music world, there is none other like Guy J. Through all of his creative endeavors he keeps a continuous energy and quality that makes his music stand out from the crowd. From his own productions, to music that he releases on Lost & Found and Armadillo,…

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Headphones on a Post

Are You Really Listening?

If you asked, I would say that I listen to a lot of music. But the truth is, most of the time I’m just hearing it. Much of my day is spent with music in the background while I’m working, driving, or just hanging out, a constant stream of aural…

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