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Dancing to a DJ in Syria

Shaping The Future of Syria’s Underground Electronic Music Scene

Bob VanDer’s Damascus Underground Session has been giving FRISKY listeners a view inside the sounds of Syria’s electronic music scene for nearly a year, showcasing the energy, love, and passion that comes from his home. Beyond sharing the music on his monthly show, Bob has been working alongside the dedicated…

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Anthony Pappa

Anthony Pappa: Decades of DJing Fueled by Passion

Since the early 90’s, Anthony Pappa has been using the turntables as a means to express his deeply rooted passion for dance music; his innate understanding of the sound as the fuel which has driven his decades of success in the electronic music world. Known as “The DJ’s DJ”, Anthony…

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Coyu with cats

A Decade of Suara: Coyu on Success, Balance, Tech House, and Cats

In an era when it seems like there are new labels popping up every day, it’s reassuring to know that there are those imprints whose dedication to quality and passion for releasing new talents has stood the test of time. Suara recently celebrated a decade in the industry, providing the…

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Marcelo Vasami

The Magic of the Journey with Marcelo Vasami

When listening to a Marcelo Vasami set, it is clear that he takes to heart the art of mixing. His aim is not to get in and get out with a bang, but to utilize the power of progression to fuel a continuously growing passion within the crowd. This requires…

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