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Solarstone Talks Trends, Timelessness, and Trance Today

Those who have been in the underground electronic music movement for decades have been witness to a range of dramatic changes in the industry. Not only in the way that music is consumed but in the trends within genres, with their followings which can go from intimate to enormous and back again. And with so many niches within the already relatively small community of electronic music fans, every scene has its own distinctive story. It’s a testament to the passion of those within each scene that their story continues today, with incredible credit to the leaders who never gave up on pursuing and pushing the music which drew them in when they first began. To not change your tune because of trends, to stay strong in your roots while still flowing towards the future, and to inspire others to join you on your journey is an amazing feat in the music industry today. Every community should have such an inspiration, and within the Trance community, they have Solarstone.