When a mood against someone or for something arises, do not place it on the person in question, but remain centered.

Remember that you are the source, so do not move to the other, move to the source.

And do not think in terms of relationship, think in terms of state of mind. If you are in love, this is a state of mind. This state of mind may be focused on one person or it may be unfocused – on the whole. When it is focused on one person, it is known as love. When it becomes unfocused, it becomes prayer. Then you are just in love – not with someone, but just in love, as you are breathing. So take love as a breathing of the soul.

Once you know how to enter a single moment with love, you have entered eternity: time is no more.

The sea and the sand and the stars, they are one with you. You are not an island, you are organically one with this universe. The whole universe is within you and the whole of you is in this universe. Unless you come to know it and feel it and realize it, you will not get that love which is a state of mind.

- Osho

Book of Secrets