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A Decade of Suara: Coyu on Success, Balance, Tech House, and Cats

In an era when it seems like there are new labels popping up every day, it’s reassuring to know that there are those imprints whose dedication to quality and passion for releasing new talents has stood the test of time. Suara recently celebrated a decade in the industry, providing the opportunity to not only reflect on its unexpected success, but the chance to realign and refresh for what is still to come. With 320 releases, 33 showroom releases and several compilations, Suara is one of the most prominent labels in electronic music. Finding themselves at the top of the charts, and in 2016 as the highest selling non-EDM label on Beatport, the imprint has accomplished beyond the ordinary in this industry.

Building from one person to 20 employees who manage a label, fashion line, events, cat rescue and more, Suara has grown beyond all of Coyu’s expectations. What began on the side of his first label Atypical Farm, Suara soon overtook its predecessor and required the full effort of Coyu and an ever-growing team.

In this great conversation with Coyu for this landmark moment, I was able to get some wonderful insight into the development and distinction of Suara.