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Shaping The Future of Syria’s Underground Electronic Music Scene

Bob VanDer’s Damascus Underground Session has been giving FRISKY listeners a view inside the sounds of Syria’s electronic music scene for nearly a year, showcasing the energy, love, and passion that comes from his home. Beyond sharing the music on his monthly show, Bob has been working alongside the dedicated team at Shift Music to create special events which feature its power to influence, connect, and inspire. Their mission to change the way electronic music is experienced in Syria and beyond has been driving a new underground evolution, inspiring not only DJs and producers but artists of all styles to join together to create something beautiful.

Electronic music has an incredible capacity for uniting people throughout the world; its ability to bring joy, release energy, inspire love, and transcend the usual is without limits. With the music we all speak the same language, as we discover the messages told only by rhythm and melody. When this all comes together on the dance floor, there is truly nothing like it. Behind the scenes of creating these moments are many people who work hard to exemplify what the music is all about. The people behind Shift Music are doing just that, building the foundations to change Syria’s underground as they shape communities and share their passion.

Bob VanDer takes us inside Syria’s scene and gives us a look into how it has been and will be evolving.