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Cercle is Taking the Music Deeper, Higher, and to Places it’s Never Been Before

Cercle’s approach to all that they do embodies the spirit of timelessness; from their locations which tell rich stories of history and culture, to the sweeping scenes that inspire lifelong memories captured within a single moment, to the talented artists carefully selected and given a distinctive space to showcase their unique self.

When you watch a Cercle stream, the amount of dedication that they have put into each minute detail is immediately apparent, with each piece designed and arranged to create an experience unlike any other. Not only is Cercle producing spectacular events in historically and culturally significant locations, bringing in top level artists, and streaming to millions around the world, but they are doing it every single Monday. It’s an accomplishment that could only be achieved by a team who is passionate as they are hard working, and who join together with a shared goal and collective vision. To learn more about what it takes to get these epic events off the ground and in front of millions of people around the world, I caught up with their Artistic Director Philippe Tuchmann, whose experiences gave a fantastic viewpoint into what makes Cercle stand apart.